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Ugenti-Rita’s Report Card

Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s  Legislative Record on Key Bills
Campaign finance reform/ legislation and election reform Vote
13-Feb-18 HB 2153 Prohibits Localities from Requiring Campaign Donation Disclosure YES
13-Apr-17 SB 1236 Establishes Regulations for Statewide Initiatives and Referendum Petitions YES
Public safety Vote
28-Mar-17 SB 1122 Authorizes Sale of Firearms without Background Checks YES
5-Mar-14 HB 2359 Prohibits Cell Phone Use by Minors While Driving NO
5-Mar-12 HB 2125 Prohibits Texting While Driving NO
Support for special interests Vote
5-May-16 HB 2568 Authorizes Developers to Levy Property Taxes YES
5-Feb-15 HB 2128 Exempts Religious Organizations from Certain Property Taxes YES
4-Mar-14 HCR 2005 Authorizes a Manufacturer to Provide Investigational Treatments to Eligible Patients YES
3-May-12 HB 2815 Establishes Tax Deductions for Certain Businesses YES
Starve education funding Vote
1-Mar-16 HB 2151 Authorizes Teachers to Receive Tax Credits for Purchased School Supplies NO
10-Jun-13 HB 2399 Authorizes School Boards to Increase Property Taxes to Pay for Bonds NO
17-Apr-14 HB 2291 Expands Eligibility to Empowerment Scholarship Account Program YES
Affordable healthcare/women’s healthcare Vote
11-Mar-15 HB 2643 Prohibits Enforcement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act YES
17-Apr-14 HB 2367 Establishes Work Requirements for Certain Medicaid Recipients YES
20-Jan-11 SB 1001 Request for Medicaid Waiver (allows waivers of coverage for sick people) YES