We must take Arizona FORWARD in providing opportunities for ALL to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

Daria Lohman for Arizona State Senator

Affordable Healthcare
for All

Affordable healthcare for all is essential. Too many Arizonans cannot afford healthcare insurance. Too many Arizonans do not qualify for public assistance because they exceed that limit and can’t afford health insurance for good health care.

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Public Education

Any business considering locating in Arizona is disappointed at the level of public education funding and the consequent lack of an educated workforce. Teachers are underpaid, class sizes are too large, buildings and classrooms are deteriorating.

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Infrastructure and

We could immediately create a lot of jobs by investing in our crumbling infrastructure: our public schools require renovation; our roads and bridges require renovation; etc. Read More

Arizonans need Affordable Health Care, good public education, and the opportunity to grow, contribute to and profit by our economy.
A healthy, educated work force and an improved infrastructure will attract businesses to our state, increasing our tax base and growing our economy.