We must take Arizona FORWARD in providing opportunities for ALL to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

About the Issues

A Shared Vision for Arizona

All the people of Arizona deserve the opportunity to live healthy, happy, productive lives. As your state senator, I will work with other legislators to make those opportunities possible. Our children must have quality public education in safe, well-maintained and technically up-to-date schools. Our citizens need access to affordable healthcare. The fact that Arizonans have joined together in putting so many initiatives on the ballot demonstrate that the current state legislature has ignored the needs of Arizonans. It is time for a change.

With your help, we can work to make Arizona the land of opportunity for everyone. Join with me as I fight for that objective.

My Top Priorities for Arizona

Education – a key priority for Arizona

Any business considering locating in Arizona is disappointed at the level of public education funding and the consequent lack of an educated workforce. 

Teachers are underpaid, class sizes are too large, buildings and classrooms are deteriorating. Imagine trying to teach or to learn under such circumstances!

Our education dollars are being diverted to unaudited private and charter schools who are profiting at the expense of our children.

I will fight for full funding of our K – 12 public education system as well as an accounting of how our tax dollars are being spent on non-traditional education programs.

I will fight to make our universities, community colleges and trade apprentice programs more affordable. It is an investment worth fighting for.

Affordable Healthcare – an urgent and on-going need

Too many Arizonans cannot afford healthcare insurance.  When people are not healthy enough to work they cannot provide for themselves and their families. 

Arizona ranks as the 3rd worst state for health care access in the United States (HealthGrove.com, 15 March 2016). Not a record to be proud of.

The Medicaid expansion under the Federal Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) was a good start. Setting up the state exchange in Arizona under the ACA would stabilize the insurance market and lower costs.

KidsCare is funded by Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP is a federal program and has an unstable funding history.

I will fight for affordable healthcare for all.

Infrastructure & Jobs

We could immediately create a lot of jobs by investing in our crumbling infrastructure: our public schools require renovation; our roads and bridges require renovation; etc. 

I will fight to invest in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure thereby creating many good paying jobs.

Our investment in Public Education, Affordable Healthcare, and Infrastructure will make Arizona very attractive to businesses looking for new locations.

As business grows in Arizona we will have an economy that is good for business, investors, and workers.

Respect for Diversity

Let us celebrate our differences and recognize that we all want the same things: to live, work, and raise our children in an environment free of harassment and intimidation. Regardless of a person’s cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, or disabilities, or other differences, the rights of all are to be respected equally.

I will fight for equal rights for everyone.

Water, Air, Environment

It’s impossible to imagine that anyone – anyone - could resist the imperative of clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. Like so many of you, I am concerned about the loosening of Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Local communities with the help of the EPA were able to provide funding that directly improved the quality of life for our citizens. How much help the EPA will be in the future is troubling and unpredictable? The reopening of uranium mines and the potential for low-grade radioactive waste seeping into our water supplies is but one example of future problems. Air quality will certainly be affected by lower standards of particle and automobile emissions. Our natural resources, including our natural wonders, are in great danger.

I will stand up and speak out loudly and strongly against every misguided legislative effort to destroy this land that we love. I will fight to protect our environment and ensure that we have clean water and fresh air to breath. This land is all we have. It is sacred and irreplaceable.