Daria Lohman
Candidate for Arizona State Senate,
Legislative District 23

We must take Arizona FORWARD in providing opportunities for ALL to live healthy, happy, productive lives. 

Daria Lohman Candidate for Arizona State Senate, District 23

  “Our dysfunctional state legislature weakens our state with laws that destroy public education, weaken economic security, and are bad for Arizonans. Arizona is my home -- both my daughters live here with my grandsons who attend public school."  

Daria fights for:

         Affordable Healthcare for All

         Public Education 

         Infrastructure and Jobs  

Arizonans need Affordable Health Care, good public education, and the opportunity to

grow, contribute to and profit by our economy.

A healthy, educated work force and an improved infrastructure will attract businesses to our state,

increasing our tax base and growing our economy. .  


Daria Lohman for Arizona State Senator -- District 23

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